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Could Sleep Unlock The Cure for COVID-19?

This week is different. Quinn found an article that’s so important for the mattress industry, we wanted to make sure you heard it. 

On December 21, 2020, The Atlantic Magazine published “The Mysterious Link Between Covid19 and Sleep,” a piece that highlights how melatonin could be a knight in shining armor in the fight against a raging pandemic. 

The article digs into studies about how melatonin and sleep could unlock a cure and alter the long term effects of COVID. Currently there are eight clinical studies reviewing the correlation between sleep and COVID-19. 

In our industry, it’s important we continue highlighting the health benefits of sleep and connect them to the products we sell. It’s a revolutionary time to increase our relevance with consumers. But, we have to be intentional about telling that story. 


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Becoming the face of miskelly’s mattress: the dr. v story

Dr. V has become a well-known figure in the mattress industry, even earning Furniture Today’s Retail Giants of Bedding award in 2018. 

The one-and-only Alan Vonderhaar recounts his early days going from the waterbed world to landing a job at Miskelly’s—and eventually putting on a lab coat to create the character that became the face of Miskelly’s mattress for the past 25 years. 

At 22 years old, Vonderhaar found himself driving through Jackson, Mississippi and noticed a lack of waterbed stores. He went to Denny Boyd, his boss at the time, and told him he’d like to leave St. Louis and open a store in Jackson. 

Vonderhaar opened Sunset Waterbeds and operated it for ten years before waterbed sales started going away and he found a permanent home at Miskelly’s. 

Thanks to Dr. V for sharing your story, passing along some of your wisdom, and for your friendship. 


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Nectar’s Founders reveal secrets to driving foot traffic

Nectar’s founders Ran Reske and Eric Hutchinson talk about how one the fastest growing bedding brands on the planet is moving into retail — and doing all they can to drive foot traffic. Nectar’s creative advertising and product positioning has made the brand a standout in the crowded direct to consumer space.

In this  interview, you’ll see how this explosive D2C brand is picking partners and investing huge amounts of money in strategic marketing. About Nectar’s Founders: Before Nectar, Eric started several companies including Madison Reed, a direct to consumer hair care brand. Ran (pronounced Ron) served in the Israeli army, played pro basketball, and worked at a venture capital fund. 

The Nectar brand is part of Resident Home, which has a portfolio of brands including Dreamcloud, Awara, Bundle,  Level Sleep, and Wovenly.