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Ergomotion’s Adjustable Bed Research Reveals What 1/3 of Consumers Want

Our guest today is Gui Peres. Born in Brazil, Gui came to the United States at age sixteen as a foreign exchange student. He loved the USA and eventually made his way here full-time, landed a job at a startup called Ergomotion, and now he’s their Global Sales Director. And he happens to live a few miles from Oprah and Prince Harry. 

In this week’s episode, Peres tells us how Ergomotion is using research and insights to create the bed of the future and help their dealers make more money. 

If you’re in the mattress business, you may remember the early days of adjustable bases when consumers associated them with hospital beds. When Ergomotion began training their retailers on how to market and sell motion bases the narrative shifted away from the “old hospital bed” toward adjustables being a lifestyle product.  

Now, the Ergomotion team is working on technology that tracks and monitors each person’s biometric make-up to help them sleep better and live better. 

If you’re looking for more insights, sign up for Ergomotion’s free virtual expo October 22, 2020—their research reveals the latest consumer trends around sleep and how you can use those ideas to offer your customers more (and increase your revenue).


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Becoming the face of miskelly’s mattress: the dr. v story

Dr. V has become a well-known figure in the mattress industry, even earning Furniture Today’s Retail Giants of Bedding award in 2018. 

The one-and-only Alan Vonderhaar recounts his early days going from the waterbed world to landing a job at Miskelly’s—and eventually putting on a lab coat to create the character that became the face of Miskelly’s mattress for the past 25 years. 

At 22 years old, Vonderhaar found himself driving through Jackson, Mississippi and noticed a lack of waterbed stores. He went to Denny Boyd, his boss at the time, and told him he’d like to leave St. Louis and open a store in Jackson. 

Vonderhaar opened Sunset Waterbeds and operated it for ten years before waterbed sales started going away and he found a permanent home at Miskelly’s. 

Thanks to Dr. V for sharing your story, passing along some of your wisdom, and for your friendship. 


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How to make money like Keith Moneymaker

Keith Moneymaker is the bearded Crossfitter with a big heart who’s selling sleep and changing lives in North Carolina.

Moneymaker (yep, that’s his real name) is president of Sweet Dreams Mattresses & More with two locations in Southern Pines and Sanford, North Carolina.

After Hurricane Mathew devastated parts of the Carolinas in 2016, Keith noticed months and months had passed and many families were still living in shelters and had a need for mattresses and furniture. He created the Dreams 4 All Foundation to give back and support the recovery efforts.

We connected with Keith on Instagram (@dosmarcospodcast) and loved his heart for serving others and his effervescent energy.


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