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Action Planning In Uncertain Times

It’s a new year! 

Typically, this event would usher in new resolutions, fresh goals, and some untouched challenges to tackle. We would grab a fresh piece of paper, pull a new pen from the box, and inhale a breath of fresh air before getting started.  Yet, given the recent year that  just departed, many of us aren’t going through the traditional pomp and circumstance a new year brings—2021 just doesn’t “feel” like new.

As we sit here on January 4th, we mustn’t let any emptiness of our circumstances deter us from making goals for our personal lives and most certainly our businesses. Strategy is still important, now more than ever and understanding how to tackle the coming year with both the mental fortitude to forge on as well as the adaptability to embrace whatever comes at a moment’s notice will be more valuable than ever. So, as we look towards 2021, whatever your circumstances may be, memorize the following and sear it onto your heart:

Action is the answer, always. 

The way things used to be are gone forever. Even if we return to some modicum of normalcy in the coming months, everything has changed. Retail is forever altered. Doing things because “we’ve always done it this way” is gone. Sitting around hoping, and wishing and praying never has been, and never will be, sufficient. Without a concrete idea of what you want, your year won’t reach its fullest potential. And you’ve got to give yourself some flexibility in the route you take. Because things will probably change. Again. 

Decide what you want, plan a course of action to achieve it, make a list and refer back to it as you hustle. When in doubt, action is the answer. 


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It’s 2020 and, while the world is crashing on many fronts, a large number of furniture and mattress businesses are booming. But as we head into 2021, the Moody index projects a bleak Q1 and Q2, with a hearty economic comeback for the back half of the year. 

While the furniture and mattress industry has feasted over these past few months (when other industries are suffering and closing their doors), how well positioned is your business to endure a famine? Our industry is currently seeing the fruits of a well-plowed season, but winter is coming. Are you enjoying the moment and expecting the same results, or stocking up and preparing?


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