A hard hitting speech at Nationwide Primetime. Mark Kinsley (left) and Mark Quinn (right).

Invite Dos Marcos to Speak

Do you want Mark and Mark to speak at your next event? Be careful what you ask for. They’re known for bringing the thunder. Maybe even a chicken.

Let’s face it, conferences can be snail-on-a-turtle’s back boring.

You’ve probably hosted presenters who splash text-filled Power Points fatted with boring information. They read a couple popular books and try to dazzle the audience with their original knowledge. Boring!

Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn Speaking
Mark Quinn speaking at the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show.

If you want Dos Marcos to speak at your next event, we guarantee an experience unlike what you’ll get from the rest of your agenda. You heard about the t-shirt canon right?

If enthusiasm for the bedding business and a room filled with positive energy sounds good, feel free to get in touch.

Mark Kinsley holding a t-shirt canon on stage at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference.

Their speaking fees typically cost less than a Lamborghini and more than an exotic feline purchased on the black market.

Quinn and Kinsley have been featured on stage at events like:

  • Nationwide Primetime Mattress University
  • Furniture Today’s Leadership Conference
  • Furniture Today’s Bedding Conference
  • Nationwide’s Mattress University
  • Seena Magowitz Foundation (charity auctioneers)
  • Brandsource
  • The UK Bed Show
  • International Sleep Products Association conference

If you’re like most parents and have a favorite, that’s totally fine. Choose your favorite Mark and he’ll most certainly rub it in the other one’s face (in a friendly way, of course).

Hosted by Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn.

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