Mattress Minds Group

Serious question: Is your business stuck?

Are you frustrated with not knowing what to do?

Sales and profits suffering?

Foot traffic down?

Promotions pale in comparison to past years?

Are you frazzled and unfocused? Too much to do? Not sure where to put your time and energy?

Feel like you’re running around with your hair on fire?

Does your business’ identity feel disconnected?

Do you ever think, “Am I normal?”

Is my business normal?

It’s time to fix these problems and put your mattress business on firm footing.

And if you’re doing well and looking for a giant leap forward, this is exactly where you need to be.

Welcome to the Dos Marcos Mattress Mind Experience.

How do the best and brightest take massive strides forward?

Through connections, community, injections of creativity, and accountability.

By gleaning thoughtful input from professionals who understand your businesses, you will get laser focused on what you really want to accomplish and how to get there. And along this exciting and fun new journey you’ll be surrounded by a group that understands what you’re up against.

If you want to stay stuck, keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you’ve decided to do it differently, you’re in the right place.

During the next six months you’ll go from walking through business in concrete boots to gliding on air.

And you’ll enjoy this adventure with other mattress professionals facing the same struggles.

This is not a group that gets together to gripe.

Far from it.

You’ll be working alongside mattress professionals. Each person will be hand selected for their positivity, creativity, diversity, and commitment to having an impact on those they serve.

Welcome to the Dos Marcos Mattress Mind.

What is a Mattress Mind Group? 

It’s like a mastermind group, but exclusively for people in the mattress business.

A mastermind is a group of people that:

  1. Share a common purpose.
  2. Meet regularly.
  3. Work to improve specific aspects of their lives and businesses.
  4. Hold each other accountable.
  5. Are focused on growth, abundance, progress, and people. 

Why Should You Join the Dos Marcos Mattressmind Group?

  • Isolation is the enemy of excellence.
  • Focus is the new IQ
  • Quantum leaps happen in communities of like minded people with diverse backgrounds.
  • Learning and growth
  • Accountability
  • Real support
  • Differing perspectives
  • Resources
  • You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. 
  • You automatically grow your network because the networks of your group become your network.

Need more reasons to join?

You’ll get to spend each session with Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley. Together they’ve worked in the mattress industry for decades.

They are frequent speakers at industry events, host the industry’s #1 podcast, and are both CEOs of mattress companies.

They’re passionate about the mattress and sleep industry.

They’re known for bringing creativity and energy to every encounter.

And they want to bring that enthusiasm and vision to an exclusive group that’s ready to change the world, one sleeper at a time.

To get six months of this kind of training, insights, guidance, and expertise from Kinsley and Quinn would normally cost more than $50,000.

By forming the Mattress Mind group we’re reducing the cost to only $3,000 per participant—for the full six months.

By the end of this six month journey, we guarantee you’ll discover ways to catapult your business to places you never expected, and get back way more than what you put in.

Who Should You Join?

We’re on the hunt for the best and brightest. Givers, change agents, and those who embrace change. We want people who face challenges and say, “Good. This gives me a chance to grow. And get better.”

Specifically, this group is designed for mattress industry professionals, mainly retailers, who are willing to change the status quo and want to grow their businesses.

If you want to gripe about your business, don’t join. If you’re not interested in taking action, do not apply.

If you’re excited about all you could accomplish with some new ideas, fresh direction, and a team of people dedicated to helping you succeed, definitely apply.

You should apply if:

  1. You are a giver.
  2. You want to form new relationships.
  3. You are willing to grow and be held accountable in order to reach your goals. 
  4. You are tired of doing things the hard way.
  5. You want to learn from the most brilliant business minds in the mattress industry including guest speakers, coaches, and members o the group.
  6. You are humble and teachable.
  7. One year from now you want to be in a new and better position.

How Can People Join?

They must fill out an application and hold a screening call with both Marks. The email address to get started is listed at the bottom of this page.

Where will we meet? 

Google hangouts. We need to see each other. Also, Google Communities allow us to have a private place to communicate, share documents, etc.

Purpose of the Group

The purpose of this group is to hold each other accountable in our pursuits to build our mattress businesses, and make an impact on our loved ones, businesses, and communities.

We will meet weekly online to check in with each other and review our annual goals and the progress we are making toward achieving those goals. Through our combined mind power and network, we help each other reach our big, hairy, audacious goals.

Structure of the Group

Meet once per week at the same time. 

Each week, we’ll focus on 2-4 people. Each gets equal time without interruptions.

We’ll have a strict agenda for every meeting.

Mark and/or Mark will be a facilitator for every meeting.

During the meetings, we will capture notes and action items and distribute to the group. 

Ground Rules for the Group

We are committed to meet every week for six months.

Leave your ego at the door.

Pay attention during meetings. No phones, browsing the web, or other distractions. 

Be willing to accept constructive feedback.

Contribute to holding each other accountable.

Embrace competition, but with a foundation of support.

Participation is mandatory.

Pricing for the Group

Each member will pay $3,000 up front for the full six month experience. It will take 6-months for the process to develop and work. We are limiting the group to 12 members.

Sample Agenda

Welcome. State mission. Inspirational quote. 

0:00 – 10:00 Wins from the Previous Week. Round Robin style. Everyone shares. 

10:00 – 50:00 “Man in the Middle.” We’ll hear from a member who is working to solve around a problem, issue, business idea, or something the person is working on. The group will be brutally honest while also being respectful. The facilitator recaps next steps for the Man in the Middle to accomplish by next call. 

50:00 – 60:00 Goals people want to accomplish by next week.

The Dos Marcos Mattressmind Method

During this journey, Dos Marcos will take you through a creative process that robustly develops ideas. Those creative outputs will then flow into measurable business objectives.

  1. Goals, strategies and tactics (setting goals)
  2. Defining you and your brand. Illustrating business values with vivid examples that prove your market position.
  3. Brainstorm (volume of ideas; “YES, AND;” wacky is good because it’s the first sign of pushing past the obvious)
  4. Select and narrow (this is when you begin plucking from your brainstorm bank; whittling, narrowing, refining, figuring out if the idea is doable and maps to goals and strategies)
  5. Plan (developing a work plan and timeline for staying committed to the initiative) 
  6. Maintain (how to keep up the momentum even when you get bored)
  7. Measure (Did it work? How can you tell?)

It’s Your Move

You’ve been waiting for something to come along.

For some clarity.

Maybe you’ve been searching for a sign.

We hear from many people just like you who’ve been wishing someone would shine a light on the problems they’re facing and help them get unstuck.

The wait is over. This is it. It’s time to make your move. We’re screening applicants now.

Email and tell us why you’re Dos Marcos Mattressmind material.

Hosted by Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn.

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