10 mattress galaxy predictions for 2021 and Beyond

It’s prediction season! A listener reached out and asked, “Hey, when is Dos Marcos doing their famous predictions episode?” and as you know, we’re here to please. Thus, here it is, in all its glory.


1) Supply Chain and Verticalization in the Industry. Be prepared for continued supply chain issues and watch growth of verticalization in industry. As orders go unfulfilled and manufacturing times take longer and longer to complete, we predict many brands and companies will begin internally taking steps to make their own raw materials.  

2) Consolidation. We predict the big guys are going to keep getting bigger using the leverage they have to takeover larger shares of the market in everything from the supplies to small business retailers. 

3) D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) Brands will continue to expand. 

4) Sleep Knowledge. Sleep behaviors and patterns will continue to evolve and sleep expertise will be sought after education. 

5) THE FAM. The Dos Marcos FAM is getting a whole lot bigger. 

6) Intimacy in the Customer Experience. The consumer journey will continue to get much more intimate. From texting your customers for marketing to invoicing them for payment via text or social media, retail will continue to get more familial. 

7) Make Data Work For You. Data is going to continue in its surge to become a kingmaker. In 2021, you must take your data and translate it into accelerating your business forward.  

8) Disinformation Will Continue to Expand. We are losing the ability to distinguish between truth and lies and if we can’t distinguish fact from fiction, we will continue to erode as a society.

9) B.A.P. = Big Ass Parties. We have been cooped up, isolated and social distanced for longer than our hearts or minds were meant to handle. Prepare yourself for big ass parties. They’re going to happen.

10) Quinn will finally wear a sweater vest.

To dive into the substance of each of these predictions, listen in and text us your thoughts and any of your own 2021 predictions. 843-MARCOS-2 (843-627-2672). 


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