Marketing Hack: Maximize Your Creative Assets With a Multi-Channel Approach

Royalty free image: Credit: Marvin Meyer / Unsplash 

The following is adapted from Come Back to Bed.

With so many communication channels, from TV to radio to social media, it can be difficult to determine where to market your business. Ever had something like this happen?

A team member says, “Let’s create a print ad!” A week after the ad hits publications, somebody says, “Let’s produce a video to match that print ad.” Before you know it, you’re tackling multiple channels one by one when you should have pushed your message out all at once. 

A better method is atomizing one idea and pushing it into every channel. Considering making a list of all potential channels. This is an easy way to force yourself to create assets for every channel you own, bring in the right people to support the execution, and make sure you don’t end up looking back on a promotion, wishing you had done more to make the strategy work. 

By pushing your promotions through multiple communication channels, you’ll achieve a more holistic marketing approach. As a result, you’ll maximize your exposure and avoid missing opportunities to promote your business. 

Here are the channels you should prioritize for a holistic, multi-channel marketing approach, including a list of the possible ways to leverage each channel for exposure. 


  • Print ads
  • Digital ads
  • Partner for a promotion
  • Email blast
  • Press releases and media coverage

Consider what media publications your audience reads. Is there a top trade publication for your industry? Or maybe you want to reach high-level business leaders through The Wall Street Journal. 

Once you identify the publications that are most important, think about the best way you can get into them. Is a print or digital ad the best way to communicate to your customers? Or is this something that may garner earned media attention with the press release. Other options to consider include email blasts and paid partnerships. 

Television and Radio

  • Spots
  • Digital ads
  • Partner for a promotion
  • Email blasts
  • Press releases and media coverage

Television and radio have long been popular ways to market to consumers. You may choose to work with a local radio station or depending on your budget, maybe you want to reach a large number of people across the country through a national ad. Again, consider the best method of promoting your message through this channel whether it be with a TV or radio spot, a digital ad, email blast, paid partnership or earned media coverage. 

Social Channels 

  • Content to post
  • Survey / poll
  • Contest for fans
  • Digital ads
  • Personal outreach to fans
  • Post to other groups

In the digital age, your business should have a presence on social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most widely used platforms. You don’t necessarily need to have a presence on all networks. Choose one or two that fit your business best and use them to promote your business and connect with customers. 

For social promotions, consider what content you can post. Could you do a survey or poll to increase engagement? How about a contest for fans? Would paid digital ads help further promote your message?

The possibilities for social promotion continue to grow. The most important thing is that you’re speaking directly to your customers when you interact with them on social media. 

Public Relations 

  • How can this idea become news? 
  • Create in-store event
  • Article for publication
  • Partnerships with other businesses

As you’re brainstorming marketing ideas always ask yourself, how can this idea become news? 

One of the best ways to garner attention for your business is with media coverage. Media coverage serves as third party endorsement and whenever it helps tell consumers how great you are, the more likely it is that the coverage will positively impact your business. 


  • Home page update
  • Landing page
  • Blog posts or articles

Your website is one of the best channels you can leverage for marketing your business. In our digital world, your website is increasingly becoming the place where consumers form their first impression of your business. 

For promotions, consider updating your homepage. Or for larger promotions, you may also want to consider creating a landing page. Creating a blog or news section on your website where you post articles is a great way to establish your thought leadership and showcase your values and purpose. 


  • Communication to employees
  • Sales-team training and creation of selling materials
  • Email signatures adjusted to campaign
  • Legal considerations
  • Communication needed throughout the campaign
  • Notify other divisions and partners
  • Update all website properties you own

An important communication channel that sometimes may get forgotten is your internal network of employees. Consider how your employees can support spreading news about your business. This could include creating sales materials for the sales team or designing a campaign email signature. 

Be thoughtful in how you communicate with all parties in your business. Some may need more information than others. It’s important to make sure you’re keeping everyone informed and up to speed as the promotion unfolds. 


  • Promotions
  • Giveaways
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Digital ads
  • Partner with other businesses

In recent years, influencers have become increasingly present in companies’ marketing initiatives. Consider if there are any influencers in your industry who can help tell your story and support your promotional efforts. This could mean partnering with influencers on social media posts, blog posts or giveaways. 

General Content 

  • Digital ads
  • Print ads
  • Email marketing
  • Blog posts or articles
  • Videos
  • Press releases

As a rule of thumb, make sure to consider all the various types of general content you could produce to promote your business. This may include digital and/or print ads, email marketing, blog posts or articles, videos, and press releases.

The more content you create, the easier it will be to tailor the content for each channel. 

Putting It All Together

It can be easy to stick with the marketing channels that are familiar to us and forgo others. However, failing to explore all channels can lead to missed opportunities. 

Next time you begin planning marketing assets, take time to consider how you can leverage a multi-channel approach to maximize your marketing exposure. You won’t always need to create content for all channels. Instead, pick and choose the best tactics for each individual promotion.  

By leveraging a holistic approach, you’ll more effectively maximize your ideas and create marketing assets at once so they work in tandem to promote your business. 

For more advice on marketing your business, you can find Come Back to Bed on Amazon.

Mark Kinsley is President and CEO of Englander, a top-15 US mattress company founded in 1894. Furniture Today called him one of its “20 People to Watch,” and Home Furnishings Business recognized him as one of its “Forty Under 40.” Mark Quinn is the Co-Founder of Spink & Co, Farm-Grown Beds, and the VP of Key Accounts and Marketing for Sherwood Bedding. He’s a top industry blogger at Q’s Views and holds pioneering patents in biometric sleep-space technology. Together, they co-host Dos Marcos,The Galaxy’s Greatest Mattress Podcast (, with more than 185 episodes and hundreds of thousands of listens.

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