Magnify Your Brand (And Your Heart) With Relief BEd

Scott Smalling is a friend, mattress industry veteran, and the founder of Relief Bed International

In this episode, Scott tells the story about how Relief Bed came to be, and how they’re partnering with retailers and manufacturers who are looking for ways to give back—and make sure their giving magnifies their brand. 

Scott believes in emphasizing the heart behind your mission. Relief Bed’s model is similar to TOMS Shoe’s “buy one, give one”—each time a customer purchases a pair of TOMS, a pair is donated to a person in need. In one example, Smalling shares the story of how Relief Bed partnered with Brentwood Home to give a mattress to someone in need each time a customer made a purchase — but then they asked customers to donate more after they made that purchase. Scott discovered that 33 percent of customers would donate above and beyond to ensure their purchase paid it forward.  

Smalling also touched on the ever-increasing problem of homelessness. 

Based on the latest numbers, half a million people in the United States don’t sleep inside at night. In situations like that, Relief Bed is working on a two-fold problem: 1) meeting a basic need by providing beds to local homeless shelters, which 2) allows shelters to focus resources on bigger issues, such as mental health and rehabilitation. 

Giving magnifies your brand. It shows you’re in business for more than making a buck. You’re in business to do good with the resources you’ve been given. There’s no better marketing you can do than to connect with customers on a deeply personal level. Showcasing what you’re doing in your community isn’t vanity — it’s shining a light on issues your customers may not be aware of. Plus, by showing what you value you’ll attract people who share those values and want to do business with people they like and trust. That’s good for the world, and good for business. 

If you’d like to partner with Relief Bed, visit their website and get in touch with Scott. 


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