Becoming the face of miskelly’s mattress: the dr. v story

Dr. V has become a well-known figure in the mattress industry, even earning Furniture Today’s Retail Giants of Bedding award in 2018. 

The one-and-only Alan Vonderhaar recounts his early days going from the waterbed world to landing a job at Miskelly’s—and eventually putting on a lab coat to create the character that became the face of Miskelly’s mattress for the past 25 years. 

At 22 years old, Vonderhaar found himself driving through Jackson, Mississippi and noticed a lack of waterbed stores. He went to Denny Boyd, his boss at the time, and told him he’d like to leave St. Louis and open a store in Jackson. 

Vonderhaar opened Sunset Waterbeds and operated it for ten years before waterbed sales started going away and he found a permanent home at Miskelly’s. 

Thanks to Dr. V for sharing your story, passing along some of your wisdom, and for your friendship. 


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2 thoughts on “Becoming the face of miskelly’s mattress: the dr. v story”

  1. Mark/Mark,

    Great job as always. As a 30 year veteran in this industry once I saw the podcast was Doctor V…had to listen. So much respect for for Alan and Miskellys. Great podcast.

    Neil Z


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