Ergomotion’s Adjustable Bed Research Reveals What 1/3 of Consumers Want

Our guest today is Gui Peres. Born in Brazil, Gui came to the United States at age sixteen as a foreign exchange student. He loved the USA and eventually made his way here full-time, landed a job at a startup called Ergomotion, and now he’s their Global Sales Director. And he happens to live a few miles from Oprah and Prince Harry. 

In this week’s episode, Peres tells us how Ergomotion is using research and insights to create the bed of the future and help their dealers make more money. 

If you’re in the mattress business, you may remember the early days of adjustable bases when consumers associated them with hospital beds. When Ergomotion began training their retailers on how to market and sell motion bases the narrative shifted away from the “old hospital bed” toward adjustables being a lifestyle product.  

Now, the Ergomotion team is working on technology that tracks and monitors each person’s biometric make-up to help them sleep better and live better. 

If you’re looking for more insights, sign up for Ergomotion’s free virtual expo October 22, 2020—their research reveals the latest consumer trends around sleep and how you can use those ideas to offer your customers more (and increase your revenue).


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dos marco fantasy football: update

by Mike Whitaker, Nationwide Marketing Group

A quarter of the season is in the book, gentlemen, and there’s excitement, triumph and wretched disappointment are all around.

Before we dive into the commentary, let’s talk winners and losers.  When we talk winners, there can only be one.  One league that is simply dominating the other.  One league, where even though the host himself is in dead, defeated, pitiful, rock-bottom last, everyone is a winner.  That league, ladies and gentlemen, is Dos Quinn. 

To date, the Doe Quinners have scored a total of 5,659.4 fantasy points.  The Dos Kinsleys are losers.  Let that be stated.  Not big losers, but still losers.  Close doesn’t count here.  It’s not horseshoes, and it isn’t hand grenades.  (Not that they could score more points armed with both.)  However, they’re weighing in at the quarter pole with 5,572.25 points.  It’s not a respectable second place.  There is no respect for second place.  Especially since second place around here is also last place.  It is written, and I have spoken.

Now, let’s celebrate the individual winners and shame those who can’t seem to get it together. 

In all of the Dos Marcos universe, there is but three undefeated teams at this point in the season.  They are Brandon (I like to party), (KT Limpers) and Greg (Hokie Pride).  These folks are just ON.  Dominating.  Steamrolling.  Amazing.  They are to be admired, respected, and showered with adulation.  And (hopefully) beaten to a pulp soon.  By somebody.  Probably not either Mark, but that’s another story, and we’ll wait for the shame discussion for that.

Our top point getter in the Dos Kinsley league so far is  and KT Limpers with 625.8.  Dos Quinn’s top scoring team is Brandon, and he really likes to party.  I know because he announced it on the PA system at PrimeTime.  And then he named his team the same.

Let’s talk losers, shall we?  Surprisingly, we have to start with Trent Bedding.  I want to clearly state here, and for the record, this team is managed by Lil’ Trent.  There’s no way a Hilltopper like Trent Ramburger could get this far in the season and not have won a single game.  This is all Lil’ Trent.  He’s good on TV, he’s abysmal at fantasy football.  He knows a lot about mattresses, but barely enough to string along a full roster in fantasy.  We love him anyway.  He’s like a twisted, insane and yet loveable little version of Trent.  So he stays around, even if he never manages a win, and that’s looking really likely.

Now, we shift to the losers.  I mean the hosts of the Galaxy’s Greatest Mattress Podcast.  1-3.  Both of you.  One and three.  That’s one measly win, three humiliating, ugly losses.  And we’ll go a step further.  Kinsley, in some unexplainable twist of fate, has actually scored 524 points.  Not good enough to win more than one single, lone game, but middle of the pack in the Dos Marcos fantasy land. 

Then, there’s my boy Quinn.  For all his dashing good looks, articulate speech patterns, and ability to will Tiger Woods to the 2019 Masters crown with nothing more than an intense stare, an encouraging shout, and a perfectly timed fart that shifted the wind and rendered a birdie on Sunday’s #15, this guy just sucks at fantasy football.  I mean sucks like a black hole, off in outer space, just pulling in whatever floats by and crushing the living soul from it. 

Are you wondering who has the lowest four week point total across both leagues?  Chad Fischer?  Maybe Jeff Rose and Lady Glitter Sparkles?  Nope.  Mark Quinn and the Ankle Breakers.  I’m wondering if he realizes that ankle breaking is something you’re supposed to do to the other team?  Is it possible he literally broke his own fantasy ankles? 

Let’s ponder a few more appropriate team names, shall we?  Maybe the Arkansas Dustpans?  Perhaps the Justin Bieber Fan Club?  How about the Johnny Manziel’s?  Could they be the WalMart Wonders?  Just sayin’.  It’s gotten bad.  He’s scored a mere 452 points.  For reference, Lil Trent has scored 545.  Um, Quinn, you’ve been outscored by 100 points by a puppet that hasn’t won a game.  Shame.  Rancid Shame. 

So, let’s wrap up.  I need to wash my hands.  I’m afraid Quinn’s team rubbed off on them.  Much love, and until next time, would somebody get Lil Trent a cupcake?  Or at least let him play Quinn so he can notch a win?


It’s the continuation of last week’s episode, where we interviewed the founder of Austin’s Couch Potatoes, Brian Morgan.

If you haven’t heard part one of this two part series, go back and grab a tissue as you do. It’s an episode too good to skip. 

In this week’s episode, Brian starts off with explaining how he and his team had to pivot during the initial onset of Covid19. He discusses making over one million items of PPE (personal protective equipment) from fabric purchased for furniture construction and how he got a call from the Department of Homeland Security!

He also touches on a heart warming and equally gut wrenching story about two murderers who came to work for him and their story of redemption.  This episodes ends on the highest of notes and its one we can’t wait for you to hear. 

Quick heads-up from our friends at Ergomotion. Raise your expectations at the 2020 Ergomotion Virtual Expo. Join Ergomotion for this FREE event on October 22nd and learn how to earn more with the world’s most innovative adjustable base. Register today at


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The Couch Potato Preacher: Brian Morgan’s Magical Story

To get lunch, Brian Morgan used to order pizza during homeroom and sell it for $2 a slice to his classmates. In college, he sold plus-size lingerie on eBay and in 2010 he launched a church at Ground Zero in New York City.

The founder and owner of Austin’s Couch Potatoes is passionate about meeting the needs of people and building a business around those he brings into his ever-expanding family.

It’s rare to find a person whose story is so captivating that you have a hard time stopping the conversation, but we have it here. Brian’s journey coves so much ground we decided to break this episode into two parts.

In part one, we introduce you to Brian—who he is, his approach to business, and the early days at Austin’s Couch Potatoes. It started by reselling scratch-and-dent furniture from Macy’s on Craigslist before moving into their first brick-and-mortar location—an old bathtub manufacturing facility with no electricity or running water where Brian and his crew ended up living for three years.

Brian used a coffee shop’s WIFI to transact business, purchased a lifetime membership to a fitness facility to get a hot shower, and sold furniture out of their dark warehouse by giving customers headlamps so they could see it.

Although his journey covers a lot of ground, the heart of Brian’s message is clear: you can serve people in business by meeting their needs—and meeting them where they are.


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La-z-Boy Chain ceo on launching 5,000 ideas in one year

Brad Parker is the founding partner of Doorcounts and the CEO of a six-store chain of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries located in the Portland, Oregon area.

In the episode, we trace the origins of the first door counter back to Peter, a Russian transplant who spoke no English and put together an innovative ticker to monitor how many people walked into Brad’s stores.

You’ll find out how Brad’s team became lean practitioners and implemented TWI Training (combining doing and teaching). Why does Brad have his team tie a Fire Underwriter’s Knot on the first day of TWI training? That conversation kicks in at the one-hour mark, so keep listening.

Also, discover how Brad’s group generated 5,000 ideas in one year with less than 100 employees, implemented all of them, and won the Shingo Prize for Research (it’s a big deal).

We cover surfing to work, sleeping in recliners, and our Wizard Academy connection.

One thing we didn’t get to is the all-new foot traffic report you can get direct to your inbox. If you’re curious to find out how your store traffic compares to nearly 700 other mattress and furniture stores in the USA and Canada then subscribe to the Retail Traffic Index by Doorcounts—a daily digest of the previous day’s average foot traffic.

Also, if you’re looking for the radio spots we mention around the 43:30 mark, head to our Facebook page.

Thanks a million to Brad and the entire team at Doorcounts for all their support and for creating incredible tools and technology that are having a positive impact on retailers.


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CEO of 24 Ashley HomeStores invests in memory makers

Charlie Malouf is the CEO of Broad River Retail,  a top 50 retailer operating 24 Ashley HomeStores in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. He’s purpose driven leader whose focus on culture and people shines through in his business. 

The associates at Broad River Retail are called Memory Makers and the company holds an annual event called “Purpose 8/28” where they invite leaders to inspire their team and expand their perspective. 

Charlie believes in the power of moments and focuses on how to win in transitions. Get your pen and paper handy because Charlie Malouf delivers ideas you can put into practice to become better in business and life.  


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Becoming the face of miskelly’s mattress: the dr. v story

Dr. V has become a well-known figure in the mattress industry, even earning Furniture Today’s Retail Giants of Bedding award in 2018. 

The one-and-only Alan Vonderhaar recounts his early days going from the waterbed world to landing a job at Miskelly’s—and eventually putting on a lab coat to create the character that became the face of Miskelly’s mattress for the past 25 years. 

At 22 years old, Vonderhaar found himself driving through Jackson, Mississippi and noticed a lack of waterbed stores. He went to Denny Boyd, his boss at the time, and told him he’d like to leave St. Louis and open a store in Jackson. 

Vonderhaar opened Sunset Waterbeds and operated it for ten years before waterbed sales started going away and he found a permanent home at Miskelly’s. 

Thanks to Dr. V for sharing your story, passing along some of your wisdom, and for your friendship. 


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How to make money like Keith Moneymaker

Keith Moneymaker is the bearded Crossfitter with a big heart who’s selling sleep and changing lives in North Carolina.

Moneymaker (yep, that’s his real name) is president of Sweet Dreams Mattresses & More with two locations in Southern Pines and Sanford, North Carolina.

After Hurricane Mathew devastated parts of the Carolinas in 2016, Keith noticed months and months had passed and many families were still living in shelters and had a need for mattresses and furniture. He created the Dreams 4 All Foundation to give back and support the recovery efforts.

We connected with Keith on Instagram (@dosmarcospodcast) and loved his heart for serving others and his effervescent energy.


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Top 2 Takeaways from 2020 at the furniture today bedding conference

During a live speech at Furniture Today’s first ever virtual Bedding Conference, Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn recorded a podcast and gave the audience two big takeaways for 2020.

1. You win in the transitions — and during transitions (like this one). When a customer steps out of their car and walks to the door of your store, that’s a transition. After a shopper selects their mattress, there’s a transition from that moment until they walk out the door with their receipt. In broader terms, there’s a massive transition taking place due to COVID and how retailers will adjust to new realities. Thoughtful businesses win in the transitions because that’s where there are opportunities for delight—or to address failures that can be fixed. Listen to the Jesse Cole episode for more flavor. 

2. Media effect of stores. Doug Stephens introduced Dos Marcos to this idea this idea in his crystal ball podcast. When a brand places their products in a store, often the store acts more like a media outlet that introduces customers to the product. Customers may not buy from the store at that moment, but instead go online to complete the purchase. During the conference, Resident Home’s Bob Muenkel described how Nectar is partnering with like minded retailers and investing ad dollars in those markets. Nectar will likely see a boost in online sales in those markets, which speaks to the media effect. It’s important that retailers understand the media effect of having certain goods in their store and develop strategies to open a relationship with every person who walks through the door. Doorcounts is one way to ensure each footprint becomes a prospect instead of letting that person leave and go buy online from a competitor.

Those are Dos Marcos’ two top takeaways so far for 2020. What did you find most useful or insightful from the #FTBedCon? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to Dave Perry and the team at Furniture Today for having Dos Marcos speak and for hosting a great conference.



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Nectar’s Founders reveal secrets to driving foot traffic

Nectar’s founders Ran Reske and Eric Hutchinson talk about how one the fastest growing bedding brands on the planet is moving into retail — and doing all they can to drive foot traffic. Nectar’s creative advertising and product positioning has made the brand a standout in the crowded direct to consumer space.

In this  interview, you’ll see how this explosive D2C brand is picking partners and investing huge amounts of money in strategic marketing. About Nectar’s Founders: Before Nectar, Eric started several companies including Madison Reed, a direct to consumer hair care brand. Ran (pronounced Ron) served in the Israeli army, played pro basketball, and worked at a venture capital fund. 

The Nectar brand is part of Resident Home, which has a portfolio of brands including Dreamcloud, Awara, Bundle,  Level Sleep, and Wovenly.



Hosted by Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn.